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A popular dental treatment besides dentures and bridges used to replace missing teeth are dental implants. You can find many cosmetic surgeons that provide implantology work in Hungary.

Old age, having teeth knocked out, decay and gum disease can all cause teeth to fall out. Tooth implants are an excellent long term, more comfortable and natural alternative to replacing teeth and they can slow down bone loss in your jaw as well as preserve any nearby healthy gums.

You want to have a very tight integration between your replacement tooth and the surrounding gums, as this will keep everything in place. A dental implant does just this, as there is nothing as well fused with your jaw unless it is a real or natural tooth. The time it takes for the fixture to integrate with your jaw varies from six weeks to six months.

Of the many advantages to having implants besides function the reduction of bone loss may be one of the best. Having a lost tooth causes the bone in that spot to disintegrate and if allowed to continue can cause your jaw to become misshapen. Having a replacement tooth down to the root will stimulate bone growth at that spot and reducing any deformities that may occur in your jaw from loss of bone.Tooth implants -

Once the new implant has taken you can function as if you had all of your natural teeth. Unlike when using dentures you will not have any speaking problems or have difficulty eating any type of food. You will not experience any inflammation or irritation from eating, as dental implants are much more functional than dentures.